What Is A Chocolatier

It’s easy to confuse a chocolatier and a chocolate maker, but they are different! A chocolate maker is in charge of transforming cacao beans, from the cacao tree, into chocolate through roasting, conching and blending those beans with other additives, like sugar and milk. From there, a chocolatier is the artist that uses that chocolate to craft delicious confections that you can enjoy.

World-famous chocolatiers can be found in countries across the globe, from France to Belgium to the United States and beyond. Here in Colorado, you will discover incredible chocolate masters like Chocolate Chemistry and The Chocolate Therapist that follow in the footsteps of historical European chocolatiers. These masters temper chocolate, mold it and sculpt it into confections that are both beautiful works of art as well as delicious delicacies to enjoy as a treat, as dessert or as an accompaniment to your favorite wine.

Chocolatiers work with chocolate crafted in Belgium, France or Switzerland. Using the freshest ingredients from the finest suppliers, a chocolatier uses recipes and techniques that have been perfected over hundreds of years to create hand-made chocolates that are a treat to look at and wonderful to eat. This crafting process relies on a thorough understanding of chocolate’s unique chemistry, as well as the blending of flavors from fruit, nuts and spices, and an eye for beauty.

For more information about the ancient art of chocolate making, be sure to explore the history of chocolate here at ChocolateForAllReasons.com. Ready to sink your teeth in? Shop decadent handmade chocolates from local Colorado chocolatiers right here!