Chocolate History

Welcome to the fascinating history of chocolate! We have Mesoamerica to thank for the delicious origin of chocolate, where sixty-foot cacao trees yielded twenty-inch sheaths that protected up to forty precious cacao beans. The Olmecs, Aztecs and Mayans were appreciating chocolate as a drink for religious rituals, celebrations and as medicine as early as four thousand years ago, and the bitter delicacy eventually made its way to Europe in the 1500’s by way of conquerors like Cortes and Columbus. 

The sweetening of the cacao with sugar and honey dramatically increased the popularity of the naturally bitter bean for picky Europeans. Over the next several hundred years, Spain, France and England developed an insatiable desire for chocolate, continuously improving and refining the recipes and equipment that turned cacao beans into the chocolate we would recognize today. The invention of the cacao press in the Netherlands and the creation of moldable chocolate in England created eating chocolate like white chocolate, milk chocolate, baking cacao powder and all the other delicious variations that we enjoy.

Hungry for more interesting facts about chocolate? Drinking chocolate at chocolate houses became popular in 1657 in England but they were not considered appropriate for women to visit. The first chocolate bar was created in 1848. When the Spanish first tried chocolate they treated it as a medicine to treat stomach pain and promote health. 

Follow the incredible progress of chocolates into the modern healthy delicacies that we enjoy today with the advent of the chocolatier! We are excited to share the rich history of chocolate with you, as well as a chance to shop Colorado chocolates here at Discover a huge range of chocolates without preservatives, sugar-free chocolates, dark chocolates and much more.