Welcome to our first two Colorado Chocolatier shops. Each Colorado Chocolatier is unique, offering exquisitely delicious hand-made chocolates in creative designs. When you click on a banner below, you will enter a shop that offers delicious small-batch chocolates made from fair-trade chocolate. Use the code on the banner when you enter, and the choices are yours.

Locals and visitors to Colorado claim that after eating the decadent small-batch chocolates they will not eat commercial chocolates anymore. Colorado Chocolatiers adore chocolate and they infuse their own personal touch and love into their chocolate creations. If you are a Colorado skier, don’t hesitate; stop by a Colorado Chocolatier Shop and indulge in chocolates that are made especially for you.

Quality chocolates are a healthy delicacy that are full of cacao, an ingredient that is rich in nutritious elements like iron, flavonoids and antioxidants. Delicious dark chocolate has more of the cacao bean powder in it. Chocolate can be paired with your favorite wine, and it makes the best possible after-dinner treat. When you explore the sheer variety of Colorado chocolates you will discover unique shapes and special combinations of flavors, fruits, nuts, nougat, caramel and so much more. You will also find sweet sugar-free options to help satisfy all of your chocolate cravings.